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[802SEC] Review of 15.8 PAR

EC Colleagues

Per today's EC meeting, I am withdrawing this PAR from formal consideration at this session due to the completeness issue but would like comments none the less. So as to not interfere with the review of the remaining PARs rather than submitting comments by 5pm Tuesday, I would appreciate it if we could have comments by 5pm Wednesday. This still gives the Study Group some face to face time to work on them but alleviates some of the time pressure.

Below is some early draft language for the missing response in the 5C. In addition the group will schedule some time with 802.1

Thanks in advance for your help and participation.


At 04:11 PM 11/5/2010 -0400, Peter Murray wrote:

Newly Proposed PSC's Criterion #2: Compatibility prepared by Soo-Young

IEEE 802 defines a family of standards. All standards shall be in
conformance with the IEEE 802.1 Architecture, Management, and
documents as follows: 802 Overview and Architecture, 802.1D, 802.1Q, and
parts of 802.1f. If any variances in conformance emerge, they shall be
thoroughly disclosed and reviewed with 802.

Each standard in the IEEE 802 family of standards shall include a
definition of managed objects which are compatible with systems

This standard will in compliance with the IEEE 802. Architecture,
Management, and Interworking documents as required. There is no specific
technology feature anticipated in the amendment that could preclude this

Soo-Young and I have been in communication and new wording for
sections due to comments from John Barr and Benjamin A. Rolf has been
putting in a lot of comments

Best Wishes


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