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Re: [802SEC] Comments for 802.1 PAR underconsideration from the 802.11 PAR Comment AdHoc.

Jon -

Thank you for your comments (
on the proposed P802.1AEbn amendment to Std 802.1AE Media Access Control
(MAC) Security to add the GCM-AES-256 Cipher Suite. Our responses on the
points raised follow in the order that there were made in your presentation.

1) [Your comment on Section 2.1 of the PAR form - title:"Identify the
document being amended and include WG title and boiler plate. Suggest add a
semicolon between Security and amendment.]

The PAR input form auto generates this text from the separate fields for
inputting the base document and amendment titles, so we cannot control the
detailed formatting. The document to be amended and the amendment are
however present, and the former is displayed in the "Type of Project" field
in the PAR "Amendment to IEEE Standard 802.1AE-2006" while the Working Group
is identified not just in the proposed project designation (1.1 Project
Number) "P802.1AEbk" but also in 3.1 Working Group. There is no boiler plate
to be added. The actual title appearing on the standard will include an
appropriate separator between "Security" and "Amendment", and also an
Amendment number which will be assigned as is normal practice by the IEEE
staff/editor. The actual presentation of the information in 2.1 is thus not
ours to control, but is believed (together with other PAR fields) to meet
the identification requirements fully.

2) [Your comment on the project number (use 802.1AEbn consistently).]

The project number has indeed been updated through the process of soliciting
feedback on the PAR and will be revised to 802.1AEbn.

3) [Your comment on 5.2 Scope: ""suggest removal of "as well as the Default
Cipher Suite, GC-AES-12" This is in the standard already."]

The 802.1 Security Task Group considered it important, based on comments
received early in the process of generating this PAR, to emphasize that the
addition of GCM-AES-256 would not replace GCM-AES-128 or cause its removal
(and thus potentially leading to a lack of interoperability). It was felt
important that the scope was clear on the point of retaining the existing
mandatory default cipher suite as the new cipher suite was added as an
option - following the conformance structure already in 802.1AE-2006 and
emphasized by a point made in the 5c's. Following your comment  we propose
to attempt additional clarification (while remaining short and to the point)
by replacing "as well as the" by "in addition to the existing ": the
explanation in 5.5 (Need for the Project, "will add the GCM-AES-256 Cipher
Suite as an option") was clearly not sufficient for those not familiar with

4) [Your further comment on Project Number with respect to the 5 criteria].

 As the project number has been updated in response to comments received
during pre-circulation that pre-circulated information necessarily showed
the original anticipated project number, but this will be updated throughout
the document.

5) [Your comment on using the full title "MAC Security" in the 5 criteria
instead of the abbreviation "MACsec" (defined in 802.1AE-2006).]

This abbreviation  will be expanded to refer to "Media Access Control (MAC)
Security". Hopefully the use of the text from the Std 802.1AE-2006 title
will remove any lack of clarity.

6) [Your comment on changing "This will be fit" to "This will fit" in the

This correction will be made.


On 9 November 2010 19:22, Jon Rosdahl <> wrote:

> Please find the comments for the 802.1 PAR under consideration from 802.11
> in 11-10/1336:
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> Respectfully submitted:
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