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[802SEC] 802 Chair's interpretation of 'substantially complete' as used in conditional approval procedure 14

Dear EC members,

As you recall, there was a request for my interpretation of 'substantially complete' as used in the below procedure:

14. Procedure for Conditional Approval to Forward a Draft Standard This procedure is to be used when approval to forward a draft standard to sponsor ballot or to RevCom is conditional on successful completion of a WG or sponsor recirculation ballot, respectively. Seeking conditional approval is only appropriate when ballot resolution efforts have been substantially completed and the approval ratio is sufficient. 

My interpretation of 'substantially complete' is when there is a very low likelihood of receiving valid new disapprove comment(s)/vote(s) upon the next recirculation ballot, in the judgement of the WG Chair.

If a new valid disapprove comment/vote is received as a result of the 'initial conditional recirculation ballot', the WG Chair may issue one 'subsequent conditional recirculation ballot' in an attempt to meet the conditional approval conditions. If the conditions are not met by the 'subsequent recirculation ballot', the 'conditional approval' terminates.  Upon request the EC may grant either an unconditional approval or receive another conditional approval (this may be done via EC email ballot).



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