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[802SEC] New web pages for

Hi Mike,

Did I miss hearing or reading an announcement that the IEEE Standards web pages were being totally reformatted? I found out while trying to answer a question for someone on the phone and it would have been nice to know in advance so that I could familiarize myself with the new layout.

On the positive side, the new layouts look nice and it is easier to find many items. For instance, two fairly obvious clicks brought me to the governing documents links - One click on "Process" under About IEEE Standards at the bottom of the home page followed by one click on What are our Guidelines. The type size under About IEEE Standards is a little small but other than that the navigation was smooth.

On the negative side, there seems to be some loss of information and/or broken links. I checked the links in the Patent slide set. Most of the links work, but this link:

use to bring me to a page that had links to all necessary patent policy information including a link to the patent slide set. It now brings me to a page that has most links including the LOA listing information but the patent slide set link is missing. The direct link for the patent slide set is broken:

and searching for the patent slide set find it. I'm also not seeing a link to the LOA form. Letter of Assurance in the bylaws is a link but it just brings me back to the same bylaws page. I tried searching on Letter of Assurance, but it brings up lots of filled out LOAs and if there is a link somewhere in the 1000s of results found, I haven't had the patience to go through the top 500 to find it.

More minor but annoying - I know that it is in style to have a home page with a banner that flips between several colorful pictures, but I find it annoying, distracting and unnecessary.



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