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[802SEC] FW: Liaison to EOs re res 224 (437)

Dear EC and RR-TAG,

Please find attached a liaison from ITU-R WP5D. This liaison addresses work being done in that Working Party in regard to sharing studies for the frequency bands 698 - 806 and 790 - 862 MHz WP5D is developing a report to undertake coexistence studies in accord with ITU-R Resolution 224 and ITU-R Question 229 that address:

-        Potential interference in the bands 790-862 and 698-806 MHz caused by the co-channel or adjacent channel operation of the broadcasting service, the  aeronautical radionavigation service, the fixed service or other mobile systems, to IMT systems

-        The coexistence between different IMT systems

In addition, this report will also provide guidance for coexistence studies between mobile services and other services. These guidelines will include interpretation and clarification of appropriate mobile parameters and methodologies to be used for coexistence studies.

Responses to this liaison will need to be received by ITU-R NLT 30th March 2011 for consideration at the WP5D meeting scheduled to begin on 6th April 2011.



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Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 03:43
Subject: Liaison to EOs re res 224 (437)

<<liaison to EOs re res 224 (437).docx>>

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached a liaison from ITU-R WP 5D to your organization regarding studies in relation to Resolution 224 and Question 229/5.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Langtry


ITU-R Study Group 5

Ph: +41 22 730 6178

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