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Re: [802SEC] P802.11v has met the requirements of Clause 14 Conditional Approval

Dear Members of the EC,

This email is provided to inform you that all the conditions required to forward P802.11v to RevCom have been satisfied.

During the November 2010 EC meeting a motion was passed granting conditional approval to forward the P802.11v Draft to IEEE SA-RevCom once all the conditions as specified in the IEEE 802 Operations Manual, Clause #14 were satisfied.

The summary of conditions and status are shown here:

As per LMSC OM Clause 14:

a) Recirculation ballot is completed. Generally, the recirculation ballot and resolution should occur in accordance with the schedule presented at the time of conditional approval.
-        The Ballot occurred, in accordance with the schedule presented to the EC in document 11-10/0800r08. One recirculation ballot was completed on P802.11v D16.0 on November 15.

b) After resolution of the recirculation generally ballot is completed, the approval percentage is at least 75% and there are no new valid DISAPPROVE votes.
-        The approval percentage is 97.9%.
-        There are no new valid disapprove votes.

c) No technical changes, as determined by the WG Chair, were made as a result of the recirculation ballot.
-        No technical changes were made as a result of the recirculation ballot. No additional recirculation of the draft is required.

d) No new valid DISAPPROVE comments on new issues that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the submitter from existing DISAPPROVE voters
-        There are no new valid DISAPPROVE comments on new issues.

e) If the WG Chair determines that there is a new invalid DISAPPROVE comment or vote, the WG Chair shall promptly provide details to the Sponsor.
-        There were 1650 comments received during the most recent ballot. Comments and comment resolutions were reviewed by the Comment Resolution Committee on November 18.
*          1  comment indicated MEC requirements were satisfied
*          2 existing disapprove voters submitted 1649 comments during the recirculation ballot on D16.0.
-        1632 of the comments were duplicate comments.
-        17 of the comments were determined by the to be out of scope of the recirculation as they were not on changed text, on text affected by changed text, and not germane to comments on text related to existing unresolved comments.
-        No additional recirculation of the draft is required. The resolutions to comments (duplicate, out of scope) have been sent to the ballot group.

f) The WG Chair shall immediately report the results of the ballot to the Sponsor including: the date the ballot closed, vote tally and comments associated with any remaining disapproves (valid and invalid), the WG responses and the rationale for ruling any vote invalid.
-        The last recirculation ballot closed on 2010-11-15. Dates and tallies for all ballots are on Slide 5 of the report 800r9.
-        The Ballot Resolution Committee reviewed all comments and approved all resolutions on 2010-11-18.
-        The comments associated with remaining disapproves and the WG responses are attached to slide 9 of the report 800r9.

A complete report of the P802.11v Sponsor Ballot process including comments and comment resolutions can be found at:

Bruce Kraemer
Chair 802.11

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