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Re: [802SEC] WG, TAG and ECSG fiinancial reporting requirements

I confirm that 802.21 did not operate with Treasury.


On 1/4/2011 12:37 PM, Grow, Bob wrote:
WG, TAG and ECSG Chairs&  Treasurers:

Please respond and confirm if the following list is correct.  I believe the WG's that operated with Treasury during 2010 are:  802.3, 802.11/15, 802.16.

Other WGs, TAGs and ECSGs should confirm to me that they did not operate with Treasury per the definition in the below email (and I will include you on the EZL50-S so you don't have to individually submit); or let me know that you are obligated to submit an L50S.

For those groups operating with Treasury, please copy me on your L50-S submittal.  Also, please note the 31 March deadline for submittal.

Bob Grow
IEEE 802 LMSC Treasurer

  ----Message Boundary----

From: "Juanita Lewis"<>
To: "Paul Nikolich"<>
Subject: L50S Letter

Dear C/LM Sponsor:

Dear Sponsor Chair or Standards Rep:

The 2010 IEEE Standards Association Financial Report Template (L50S) is
now ready for download and completion. This report is required annually by
all Standards Developing Groups.

What's New?

1)  In order to provide compliance with IEEE Audit, each Working Group
Sponsor Chair and Treasurer will be required to complete a Principle of
Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest (POB/COI) form with the L50-S.

2)  To simplify the L50s reporting process for those groups operating on a
cash basis, effective for the reporting period of 2010, Form EZL50s has
been developed for Standards Working Groups that meet the following

This IEEE Standards Working Group DID NOT HAVE ANY of the following
financial activities for the year ending 31-Dec-2010:

1) Employee Salaries

2) Employee Salary Taxes

3) Accounts Receivable or Accrued Expenses / Payables

4) Fixed Assets and/or Depreciation

5) Long Term Investments or IEEE Investments

6) Cash Loans (Receipts / Disbursements)

If the Working Group has ANY of the items listed above, you MUST submit
the more detailed L50-S Report. The EZ L50S contains the new compliance
requirements mentioned above.

Please submit the financial report in Excel format via the web submission
page. Electronically submitted forms are sufficient for reporting
requirements; there is no need to mail a hard copy. Most additional
documentation pages with signatures and additional documentation may be
scanned into pdf, gif or jpg formats and sent as email attachments, or
fax'd to 732.562.1571.

Please note per the IEEE Standards Board Operations Manual, section 5.3.6:
failure to submit this report shall result in action from the IEEE-SA
Standards Board. Actions shall include, but not be limited to, suspension
of all activities until the report is filed and accepted as complete.

Along with the template, additional information about what is required may
be found at the following url:

The completed report is due to by 5pm EST, 30 March 2011.

The Standards Association point of contact is Joan Kenny.  She may be
reached at or 732 562-6008. Please do not hesitate to
contact Joan with any questions, concerns or problems that you have in
fulfilling this obligation.Thank you in advance for your time and


IEEE-SA Finance Team

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.