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[802SEC] Dr. Robert F. Heile wins IEEE International Award


Today's IEEE-SA news announced (among other things) that Dr. Robert F. Heile has been awarded the IEEE-SA International Award for extraordinary contributions to the advancement of standards development work globally.

Assuming that this is indeed our Dr. Bob (could there be any other?), I would like to extend my personal congratulations on a well deserved award.

According the the IEEE SA web page (which, mysteriously, is actually working), the award consists of a crystal globe and certificate. There is no honorarium attached to this award. Which means that Bob has doubled the pay he gets for IEEE work.

Criteria for the award:
This award may be presented annually to an IEEE-SA individual member who has made an extraordinary contribution to establishing the IEEE-SA as a world-class leader in standardization.

Examples include but are not limited to individuals who excel in the following activities (regardless of venue or activity):

    * Achieving acceptance of an SA standard for world-wide implementation.
    * Harmonizing an SA standard with international market requirements.
* Interacting with national and international bodies to enhance their understanding of the breadth and strength of the SA standards program.

Yep, that sound like Bob to me.

Again, congratulations to Dr. Heile.

James Gilb
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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