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[802SEC] Another standards availability issue

There is a problem with standards availability through IEEE IEL - many of the approved IEEE 802.1 standards aren't listed.  This came to my attention when someone asked me when 802.1Qau was going to be an approved standard. I answered that it was approved last March and has been published but they told me they weren't seeing it listed on IEEE IEL.

It turns out that IEEE IEL only lists 9 IEEE 802 standards at this time. There are about 19 available through the Get 802 page. More than half of the standards old enough to be on Get 802 are missing from IEEE IEL. Also missing is IEEE Std. 802.1Qat-2010 which is available through the IEEE Shop.  IEEE 802.1Q and all of its approved amendments are missing in IEEE IEL. Oddly, the Archived and draft 802.1Q documents do show up.

There is another odd thing about the way the standards display in IEEE IEL that may make them difficult to find.  When one expands the 800 to 900 range, only one standard shows for each 802 dot.  Possibly it is the most recently approved/published one. For example, for 802.1, it shows 802.1X and if you click on the heading it takes you only to that standard; for 802.3 it shows EEE. If you click on view details, it takes you to the listing of the standards under that 802 dot (except that in the case of 802.1Q, a lot of them are missing).

 Using the search box does find the missing standards. It appears that they are only missing from the "Browse by standard range" function and from the Browse By Number Or Keyword when I enter 802 or 802.1Q  (but the non- 802.1Q standards from 802.1 come up even though they don't match 802.1Q)- entering 802.1 gets an error message:
Error 500--Internal Server Error

From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:
10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error
The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

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