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[802SEC] Draft ITU-R report on Smart Grid Power Management Systems

Dear EC and RR-TAG,

Please find attached a draft new ITU-R Report on Smart Grid Power Management Systems. As I understand it the plan is to have this document approved in the WP and the parent Study Group their June, 2011 meeting. Note that at the bottom of page 10, non-PLT smart grid communication technologies are described as "[Others: To be developed]". Without that information this report could very much like a PLC/PLT investor's piece.

Is there is an interest amongst those in 802 with an interest in Smart Grid/Smart Utility Networks to providing data for the "To be developed" portion? It may be that it would be appropriate to also suggest edits to other text in this report. In the conclusion on page 19 the text currently reads "High-capacity, two-way communication networks employing PLT or other telecommunications technologies that couple sensors and smart meters can transform existing electric distribution networks into smart grids." Is there an interest within 802 to provide data on the "other telecommunications technologies"?

Presuming that such an interest exists I will have this on the 802.18 agenda for discussion during Tuesday PM1. The due date to the ITU-R for a contribution to ITU-R WP1A is the 4th of May. That contribution would need to be completed by the end of our March meeting in Singapore.

Bob and Bruce: This could be a topic for the Sunday wireless leadership meeting in LA.

Glad to discuss.



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