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[802SEC] New IETF standards activity

Hello SEC,

A new standardization effort is beginning in the IETF which may be of interest to some of your membership. Could you please forward this to your working groups as appropriate?

The effort aims to define protocols that enable database access for devices using so called "white space". White space generally means the licensed incumbent(s) in a particular piece of spectrum are not fully using the spectrum and the Regulator decides that sharing of spectrum on an unlicensed, secondary basis is possible. An example is in the US where the FCC is allowing unlicensed use of the digital TV band with a requirement that the unlicensed users consult a database that informs them which channels they may use, given the location of the antenna of the new unlicensed device.

Many other Regulators globally are looking at this kind of dynamic spectrum sharing, and also contemplating using similar database query mechanisms as part of the mechanism to avoid interference.  A protocol for database access that is not tied to any particular radio, any particular frequency band, or any particular country is desirable to enable global use.

An email list has been created for this effort, "paws" -  Protocol for Accessing White Space database.  The email list is<>, and you can subscribe by visiting


Scott Probasco

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