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[802SEC] ITU

Dear EC and RR-TAG,

You hopefully will remember that over the past few years the ITU has been trying to become involved in the administration of IP addressing and in promoting a program to ensure interoperability commonly called the "ITU Mark".

The ITU-T on February 8th will open a meeting of their Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG). Among the documents that are meant for consideration there are:

TD 224 from the Director of the TSB (ITU-T). It has elements of a business plan to implement the conformity and interoperability program (C&I). It does include the ITU-Mark and resource requirements, including headcount. So it appears that the staff are proceeding. You may remember that the original plan was that hardware would have to be submitted for evaluation by ITU staff.

TD 227 again from the Director of the TSB.  Information on IPv4 Address Depletion and IPv6 Deployment. It indicates TSB is studying the launching of a project to monitor deployment of IPv6. The ITU staff in the past had proposed that the ITU should have a management role regarding IPv6 deployment.

Fortunately the TSAG ends February 11th. That means we should have some idea of what is going on when we meet in Singapore.



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