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Re: [802SEC] Update +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ Letter to the Indian regulator regarding use of TV white space spectrum

Dear EC,

An update on the status of this ballot:

Vote categories:         APP    DIS    ABS    DNV


VC Pat Thaler             ?

VC Mat Sherman     APP

ES Jon Rosdahl       APP

RS James Gilb         APP

TR Bob Grow                                               DNV

01 Tony Jeffree        APP

03 David Law            APP

11 Bruce Kraemer    APP

15 Bob Heile             APP

16 Roger Marks          ?

17 John Lemon         APP

18 Mike Lynch          APP

19 Steve Shellhammer                                 DNV

20 Mark Klerer          APP

21 Subir Das             APP

22 Apurva Mody       APP

23 Geoff Thompson  APP


17 TOTALS               13      00           00             03

This ballot closes March 3rd.

Thanks to all for your assistance with this.




Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 10:26
Subject: +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ Letter to the Indian regulator regarding use of TV white space spectrum

Dear EC,

Paul has authorized me to conduct a ten day EC mail ballot to approve document 18-11-0023-02, Letter for the Indian Regulator. [more text]


As some of you may be aware the RR-TAG held a series of conference calls regarding a letter that 802.22 proposed to send to Indian regulator. It is an endorsement of the Indian Institute of Technology's proposal for the use of the TV white space frequency band in India. In India the spectrum under consideration is the 470 - 698 MHz frequency band.

The RR-TAG had a total of three conference calls. On the third conference call, with participation from 802.11, 802.16, 802.18 and 802.22, the letter was approved by a vote of 5/0/0. Five is the current quorum for 802.18.

The Indian regulator will have a meeting to consider proposals for the use of that frequency band on March 17th which is during our Singapore plenary. In order to make certain that the letter is received in time to be considered I asked Paul to authorize an EC email ballot.

The minutes from the conference calls are available on the 802.18 Mentor web site.




To approve document 18-11-0023-02 as an 802 document, authorizing the Chair of 802.18 to do necessary editorial and formatting changes and, using the document as a "template", create the appropriate input to the Indian regulator via the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. 802.18 approved this document by a vote of 5/0/0.

Moved: Mike Lynch
Second: Apurva Mody

Start of ballot: Tuesday, February 22nd
Close of ballot: Thursday, March 3rd, 11:59 p.m. AOE

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