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[802SEC] Forwarding of P802.1Q-REV to RevCom

EC colleauges -

At the March 2011 IEEE 802 Plenary meeting, conditional approval was granted
to forward IEEE P802.1Q-REV, Bridges and Virtual Bridged Local Area
Networks, to RevCom. The response to the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual
Clause 14 'Procedure for Conditional Approval to Forward a Draft Standard'
items are as follows:

a) The recirculation balloting is complete. The
  recirculation ballot and comment resolution
  occurred essentially in accordance with the plan
  presented in March.

b) The approval rate is 100% (unchanged from what was presented in March) so
  are no DISAPPROVE votes.

c) No technical changes have been made; the balloted draft is the draft
being forwarded to RevCom.

d) There were no new valid DISAPPROVE comments.

e) There were no new invalid DISAPPROVE comments.

In accordance with the Clause 14 statement that 'When conditional forwarding
to RevCom has been approved by the Sponsor, the submittal may be forwarded
to RevCom before the conditions have been fulfilled in order to meet the
submittal requirements for the next RevCom meeting.', I have already
submitted IEEE P802.Q to RevCom for consideration at its May meeting under
RevCom convention #6 'RevCom Policy for Recirculation Ballots in Progress at
the Submittal Deadline (25/15 Day Policy)'.

Based on the above I will provide RevCom with the updated results so that
IEEE P802.Q remains on the RevCom May early Consideration agenda.


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