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Re: [802SEC] P802.1Qaz recirculation ballot results

Oops, I meant to send this to the 802.1 reflector and leave it to Tony to send to the EC reflector. Pat

From: Pat Thaler
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 3:45 PM
Subject: P802.1Qaz recirculation ballot results

Dear Colleagues,

The recirculation sponsor ballot or P802.1Qaz completed on 10 April 2011. There were no new disapprove votes and no new comments. There was one vote change from disapprove to approve.

The final tally is
61 affirmative votes
 1 negative vote
 5 abstention votes
 77 voters in the ballot group

87% ballots returned
 7% abstention
98% affirmative.

Therefore, P802.1Qaz is now ready to be submitted to the June RevCom meeting along with P802.1Qbb and P802.3bd.

Tony, I assume that you will send the report on the results to the EC in accordance with the LMSC OM Clause 14 Procedure for Conditional Approval. Please let me know if you need any help preparing the RevCom submittal packages.


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