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[802SEC] RevCom submission of P802.1Qbb

EC Colleauges -

In accordance with the conditional approval granted in the closing March EC
meeting, I am submitting P802.1Qbb to RevCom. As stated at the March
meeting, this project did not require any further recirculations, and was
waiting only for P802.1Q-REV and P802.1Qaz to be submitted to RevCom before
it could be submitted. As P802.1Q-REV and P802.1Qaz have now been submitted,
P802.1Qbb can proceed. As no further work was done on this draft following
the March EC meeting, the ballot results that were reported at that meeting
have changed in that the one Disapprove voter (Glenn Parsos) has changed his
vote to Approve as the reason for his disapproval was that there was a
dependency upon P802.1Qaz. The approval rate on this project is therefore
now 100%. The results of the ballot are therefore now as follows:

Approve 76 (100%), Disapprove 0 (0%) Abstain 5 (6%), Responders 81 (85%)


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