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[802SEC] Fwd: Grand Opening !! Visit the New IEEE Standards Store

I believe that a "Grand Opening" announcement is premature given the level of problems that have been identified and communicated to staff in:
    - The inappropriate sorting of product by the searches
    - Deficiencies in titling and dating of documents
    - Mixing of obsolete goods with the "up front" inventory
    - And more
As far as I can tell, none of these problems have been fixed.
If this were a bricks and mortar store this would be equivalent to having the grand opening as soon as the truck unloaded all the boxes of inventory into the building.

As closely as I can tell, this project either (a) did not have appropriate "go to market" testing criteria, (b) did not have the appropriate testers, (c) management incorrectly decided (based on bad or insufficient information) that the current state was good enough or (d) the "go to market" decision was based on schedule instead of the state of the product. All of us who have spent our careers in product development know that each of these is a bad idea.

Geoff Thompson

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Subject: 	Grand Opening !! Visit the New IEEE Standards Store
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