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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ IEEE 802 Input to ITU-R


On 13 May 2011 17:25, "" <> wrote:
> Dear EC,
> Paul has authorized me to conduct a ten day EC mail ballot to approve
document 18-11-0043-04, titled "Wireless telecommunication standards under
development by IEEE 802 containing cognitive radio capabilities for
operation in the TV White Space".
> Background:
> At the Sunday wireless leadership meeting here in Palm Springs it was
agreed that 802.18 would host a meeting on Monday May 9th to review the
various projects/proposed projects involved the TVWS and TV Band Devices
(TVBD). That meeting was very well attended and during it Apurva suggested
doing an information paper for the ITU-R that would describe what is
happening within 802 that related to TVWS. The result was that .11, .15, .19
and .22 agreed to create this contribution to ITU-R.
> On May 12th 802.18 hosted a meeting to review/edit the proposed ITU-R
contribution. The group approved it by a vote of 5/0/2. (It had been
determined that 802.18 had a quorum even without the wireless chairs
participation.) It is available on the 802.18 Mentor website as
> Please note that portions of the text in this contribution come directly
from various PARs and it was felt that text had to presented as is.
> Also please note that in order for this contribution to be considered by
ITU-R WP1A (Spectrum Engineering Techniques) at their meeting which begins
May 25th it needs to be received by the ITU-R Secretariat NLT 16:00 Geneva
time on May 18th. Hopefully this ballot can be completed early so that the
IEEE SA ITU-R liaison can send it by the morning of the 18th US CDT.
> This contribution has proven to be quite timely. Just prior to the start
of 802.18's May 12th meeting I received an email from the person
representing the US Navy in ITU-R for matters dealing with CRS. In it he
asked if I "had insight to IEEE engagement in standards development OR any
knowledge of the equipment manufacturers currently exploring this market."
This certainly answers as regards IEEE 802.
> Regards,
> Mike
> Motion:
> To approve document 18-11-0043-04 as an 802 document, authorizing the
Chair of 802.18 to do necessary editorial and formatting changes and, using
the document as a "template", create the appropriate input to the ITU-R
Secretariat for consideration by WP1A and other ITU-R WPs. 802.18 approved
this document by a vote of 5/0/2.
> Moved: Mike Lynch
> Second: Apurva Mody
> Start of ballot: Friday, May 13th
> Close of ballot: Sunday, May 22nd, 11:59 p.m. AOE
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