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[802SEC] JUL 2011 Interim EC Action Items


The action items I captured from today's teleconference follow.  The action item number is related to the agenda item number.  Feel free to modify it as appropriate.



0a) PaulN to issue the initial action item list
0b) JamesG to issue draft meeting minutes

1a) Steve Shellhamer to manage the 'action register' which captures all items/issues (past, current and new) the EC and SA are to resolve.  Steve will start with the list from the 7APR meeting minutes Paul had with SA staff.  Between now and the end of the joint EC/SA joint leadership meeting on Tuesday evening of the July plenary session, the EC and SA will refine the list to provide enough specificity such that each item is actionable and has a clear set of deliverables, responsible individuals and due dates.
1b) All SA senior managers will attend the July plenary session.   
1c) JudyG and KarenM will meet with each EC member separately at the July plenary session.

2a) KarenM to provide specific parameters on the sales metrics (which I can't remember--GeoffT, you asked for them--please add them to this list)
2b) GeoffT and MarkusP to develop a detailed set of requirements for the sales of draft standards
2c) KarenM to provide a diagram which illustrates the SA databases and their relationships
2d) KarenM to provide a public version of the slide deck she presented to JamesG for inclusion in the minutes

3a) ChristinaB to work with PatT on improving the transparency of the work being done on improving myballot/myproject issues
3b) PatT will continue to collect issues and monitor progress on their resolution

4a) BuzzR to update the 802 web pages to reflect the venue selection for MAR2012

5a) BuzzR won't be at the Nov plenary session--JonR will manage the logistics of the EC workshop
5b) PaulN to solicit and appoint volunteers to be the Leader and Scribe for the workshop no later than the start of the July plenary session.

6a) BobG and BuzzR working with JoeT to create a new Meeting Planner contract template.
6b) The IEEE must execute the new contract by ????  (BobG and/or BuzzR, please put the deadline in here)

7a) Possibly use the new contract of (6a) for the Verilan contract
7b) The IEEE must execute the new Verilan contract by 01AUG2011

8a) Jon to continue researching improved audio teleconference services

9a) DavidL to conduct EC email ballot on NetFPGA tutorial acceptability
9b) GeoffT to circulate information on the proposed Aloha Net tutorial.  Art Astrin to complete a tutorial request form and circulate to the EC.  PaulN will keep a tutorial slot open.

10) MatS will keep the WG P&P on the Audcom agenda with the intent to obtain conditional approval.  The condition will be EC approval in July.

The agenda for the June 7th Telecon:
1. Improving SA relationship  -- Nikolich
a. Plan for July SA Senior Staff mtg:   Reserve Tuesday night 6-8pm  (July 19, 2011).
2. Single Sales Channel Update -- McCabe
3. MyBallot Feedback  -- Thaler
4. Update on March 2012 venue Plan -- Buzz/Heile
5. Plan for EC Workshop -- Rigsbee
a. Nov 2011 - Atlanta
6. Status report on Meeting Planner Extension -- Grow/Rosdahl
7. Status Report on Verilan Contract Update -- Grow
8. Update on Audio Conferencing -- Rosdahl
9.a Proposed NetFPGA tutorial as was suggested -- Law
9.b Aloha Net retrospective tutorial--Thompson
10. WG P&P proposal--Sherman

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