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[802SEC] UPDATE to Call for Comments on 802.23 draft


Roger Marks has very kindly granted permission to 802.23 to use the more up-to-date version of his 802.16 "Commentary" balloting tool.
If you have already downloaded the tool, please delete it and download Commentary 2. If you have already generated some comments in the older tool, please close out those and send them to me now and do the remainder of your commenting in Commentary 2. I have edited the message below (sent last night) to reflect this new information.

To comment open the .cmt file, select the "Personalize" option & fill in
Then select the "Comment" option and start your comments.
	Thanks,	Geoff
In my last e-mail to you (attached below) I announced the availability of the first public version of the 802.23 draft. In that e-mail, I said that I would formally solicit comments to be considered and incorporated into the draft at our next meetings during the 802 Plenary Week in San Franciso the week of July 17.

Please review the draft and record your comments using the 802.16 commenting tool, "Commentary 2". The tool does allow you to accumulate comments over multiple review sessions.
Commentary is a standalone application that has both MAC and PC versions.
Downloadable files are available at:

Please use "802.23 Ballot 1" as the fill-in for the field labeled "Letter Ballot Number or Ballot Code"
Please mail the resulting comment file to me at:
With the subject line:
    Comments on 802.23/D0.9
This is a 30 day comment period so please get your comments to me by midnight, July 13 AoE
I will bring the assembled comments to the meeting
Comments are welcome from any interested or materially interested party.

If you have any question please get in touch with me directly
Best regards,
    Geoff Thompson, 802.23 WG Chair

Subject:     802.23 Initial Public draft posted
Date:     Tue, 24 May 2011 14:11:00 -0700
From:     Geoff Thompson <>
To: 802-23 Emergency Services <STDS-802-23-emergencyservices@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG>
CC:     802 EC <stds-802-sec@IEEE.ORG>


I am happy to report that 802.23 had a successful meeting in King of
Prussia, PA.  Although we did not have any more attending the meeting
than normal, we had a very productive meeting with the help of Richard
Barnes who helped shake out out concepts with respect to operation and
inter-layer relationships.  We reviewed my initial cut at a draft and
refined and simplified our concepts.  In the time since the meeting we
have generated a new version of the draft which we are making available
for public review.

The draft is available at the following URL:
or alternatively at:
You may also retrieve the draft by going to the 802.23 document site
and selecting [Download] for 2011 DCN 13


We are happy to accept comments from all interested parties as Observer
comments.  All comments will be considered.
I would appreciate your review.

I expect to post commenting tools and ask for formally submitted
comments to be submitted for review at our Working Group meeting
(Tues/Wed/Thurs AM) at the next 802 Plenary in San Francisco.

Best regards,


Geoffrey O. Thompson
Chair, IEEE 802.23 Emergency Services Working Group

GraCaSI Standards Advisors
158 Paseo Ct.
Mountain View, CA 94043-5286

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