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[802SEC] New ITU-R Question on SG communications

Dear EC,

Attached is an ITU-R draft new question titled "Impact on radiocommunication systems from wireless and wired data transmission technologies used for the support of power grid management systems". Currently this question is in the advanced approval process and should reach final approval on 23 September 2011.

In this question it is asked:

1)    What are the technical and operating features and the characteristics of wireless technologies and devices in support of power grid management systems?

2)    What are the data rates, bandwidths, frequency bands and spectrum requirements needed in support of power grid management systems?
The question is meant to generate either an ITU-R Recommendation or Report. The former can lead to the identification of suitable spectrum on a regional basis to support SG or, as the US government calls it, critical national infrastructure, in the Radio Regulations.

The work on this question will be led by WP1A but will include contributions from all other ITU-R Study Groups.

Should 802 decide to submit contributions the best path will be to make them directly to WP1A. WP1A's role is spectrum engineering techniques and should prove to be a relatively neutral forum to present the requested information on wireless technologies.




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