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[802SEC] Reminder and tentative agenda--EC/SA staff meeting Tuesday 6-8PM in the Golden Gate room on Bayview level

Dear EC members,

Tonight's 6-8pm meeting with SA staff is in the Golden Gate room on Bayview level.  Unlike the RAC meeting, food will not be provided.

The tentative agenda for the meeting follows.  Your suggestions for revision are welcome.



tentative agenda:

1) Leadership note:  K McCabe is the team lead for Sr. Mgmt, P Nikolich 802 EC representative

2) Why are we here? (Paul)
- EC expressed concerns regarding SA support at March closing EC meeting
- Nikolich met with SA staff and Mills in April, a high level issues list was generated.  At this meeting it was agreed Sr. Staff should participate in 802's July 2011 plenary session.
- It was agreed to have a joint EC/Sr Staff meeting to address the issues list

3) Issues definition (Karen)
- review existing list (see attached)
- additions or revisions to the issues list

4) Issues resolution (Karen and Paul)
- prioritize issues
- identify action plan to resolve issues (identify responsible individual and estimate time to complete)

5) Adjourn meeting

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