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[802SEC] Draft PAR/5C for 802.1

EC Colleauges -

We recieved no comments from the other WGs on any of our draft PARs.

The only comments received were from Bob Grow relative to the draft PAR/5C
for P802.1BR:


Comments on the PAR and 5C.

5.3  Grammar (suggest deleting "being").
5.5, 5.6  These seem to contradict each other, the Need citing provider
bridges yet the Stakeholders being related to data center environments.  The
discussion of data center in the 5C indicates that the Need probably is

4.a  Grammar (suggest additions -> addition)."

We agreed with his comments; the grammar fixes have been made, and
references to provider Bridging have been removed.

The final text of the draft PAR and 5C for P802.1BR are as follows:

The other draft PARs/5Cs are unchanged from the versions submitted earlier.

We are aware that in the case of the P802.1AXbq draft PAR, the text
erroneously identifies 802.3 as the owner of the project; this is a hangover
from the fact that IEEE Std 802.1X was split off from its original "home" in
the 802.3 standard, and the myBallot system has not been updated to fix
that. I will work with Kathryn to fix the system, and the draft PAR text,
accordingly in due course.


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