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Re: [802SEC] SA Standards Store Search


It is better than it was, but it still needs work.

I put in congestion, which should bring up 802.1Qau - the amendment that added congestion notification to 802.1Q.

Rather than bringing me to the amendment, the search shows IEEE 802.1Q-2005 as the sole result. 802.1Q-2005 doesn't have anything regarding congestion in it. Of course, the listing for 802.1Q-2005 has the list of amendments and drafts, but there are 15 amendments that a user would have to check to find which amendment covers congestion notification (assuming that they figured out that 802.1Q-2005 came up because one of the amendments covered congestion; if they weren't sure if it had been published, there are also 6 drafts to check). Putting in the designation for a published or draft amendment, e.g. 802.1Qau or 802.1Qbb, also brings up IEEE 802.1Q-2005 rather than going directly to document.

Furthermore, the search breaks when I enter two words instead of one. Congestion Notification is part of the title of IEEE 802.1Qau and congestion notification is in its keyword list. It brings up zero search results. 

Looking at the amendment and drafts list for 802.1Q-2005, the way that they are called out is inconsistent for the approved drafts. For the revision of 802.1Q that was approved in May continuous processing, it says: IEEE P802.1Q-REV/D1.5, March 2011 - APPROVED DRAFT. That is a clear citation. For the amendments that were approved at the June Standards Board it says IEEE 802.1Qxx-2011 which is the way it would list the published standard. The approved drafts of the amendments are listed in both the amendment and the draft list. A customer could easily buy one thinking that it was the published standard since there is no indication that it is a draft in the number:

IEEE 802.1Qaz-2011
IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks---Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment XX: Enhanced Transmission Selection for Bandwidth Sharing Between Traffic Classes
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / 30-Sep-2011 / 109 pages 
Amends: IEEE 802.1Q-2005 

One would have to look at the smaller type of the title to see that it is an "Approved Draft Standard". Note also that "Amends: IEEE 802.1Q-2005" is inaccurate. It and the other current approved drafts amend IEEE 802.1Q-2011.


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Dear EC members,

Please see the below note from Karen McCabe, the SA has requested feedback on updated search services for 802 documents in the Standards Store.  Please provide feedback directly to Karen and Marcus.



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Working with the Techstreet technical and data teams we worked on some tweaks to start indexing more attributes of amendment and draft product records, specifically titles, keywords and descriptions. We tested various searches/search strings that were previously producing zero hits, especially in with the 802 products, and are seeing better results. 

If the EC members want to try it out and let us know "what's working/not working," that would be helpful. 

Thanks much!

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