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[802SEC] myProject Change to Ballot Voting


This message is being sent to advise you of an important change that is 
coming to myProject Sponsor Balloting.  Formal communication will be going 
out to all balloters and WG Chairs later this week.

Many years ago when we began developing myBallot, balloters asked for a 
way to change their vote from Disapprove to Approve (or Abstain) while the 
ballot was not open.  While that functionality was not developed at that 
time, we have had users asking for this feature.  A few months ago, a team 
got together to determine the best method to implement this feature for 
the Sponsor Balloting process. That team decided how the feature would be 
implemented so it would best satisfy the balloter, the chair running the 
ballot, and the RevCom submission process.  Therefore, I am happy to 
announce that the Sponsor Ballot Vote Change feature has been developed 
and is now in the myProject system.   

Sponsor Ballot Vote Change allows a sponsor balloter to make a vote 
change, from Disapprove to either Approve or Abstain, after the ballot has 
closed.  The balloter simply logs onto myProject, myBallot Activity and 
changes their vote. This eliminates the need for the balloter to email the 
sponsor or working group chair with a vote change, the system will do that 
To help you better understand how the functionality works, I have attached 
Power Point slide deck.   

Pat, since we have a status meeting on Friday, we can discuss further on 
the roll out date which is tentatively scheduled for September 14th.  


Christina Boyce
Manager Standards Solutions Services, IEEE Standards
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08855
Phone 732-562-5540
Cell 908-239-4038

IEEE ? Advancing Technology for Humanity

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