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Re: [802SEC] EC Meeting ticket item

When SASB Chair and frequently roaming between meetings, I had the same problem.  If I attended 802.3 on Thursday, I think I had problems claiming attendance for 802.16.  Similarly, dropping in on 802.23 or .21 for a while often was complicated by the different blocks defined by groups.  For the purpose I recommended a check box (default checked) to not claim attendance credit (i.e., list me on the minutes).  I favor choice rather than the demotion Pat recommends.

Similarly, some WG Chairs approve the time spent in EC Chairs meetings (e.g., 802 TF).  I see that as falling under the ability to grant membership, and it may simplify things to simply receive permission from the Chair to log in (even though not in the room) rather than special casing the exceptional meeting attendance credit.  I don't know if this is the method being used by wireless TG to grant credit for TAGs or another method is used.  (Is attendance credit required for both home WG and TAG?)

I agree micro division of meeting time is not the answer.  At some point, it is appropriate to trust the integrity of the attendees.


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The issue is that there are reasons that we need to track attendance at a meeting even when the attendance wasn't persistent enough to qualify for credit. Meeting minutes should include a list of attendees.  No matter how small meeting blocks are made (within reason) one might be in two places during a block so making smaller blocks is not  a solution. An attendee should be able to record that they were in the room for some part of the block without it being canceled by recording participation in another meeting.

The request is for having two options when recording attendance in a block:
                Credit - participating in the block for at least 75% of the time
                Partial - participating in the block but for less than 75% of the time.

For any given time, a person should have Credit attendance in only one block. If someone signs up for overlapping Credit in two blocks, the system could demote the older one to participate rather than canceling it as it does today. That would be acceptable though better would be to ask the attendee which one they want to be credit.


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