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Re: [802SEC] *++++ EC ballot regarding IEEE 802 Liaison Letter to SC6 on proposed disposition of 8802 Standards ++++*

Let me see if I can address your reluctance to vote...
The report was intended to establish status for 8802 standards and propose a way forward for updating them.
This is a document that represents the collective sentiment of 802 LMSC and the motion was intended to confirm that the contents were ready for presentation to SC6. I see that you don't have any concerns on these topics.

Your proposal is that the motion be tied to a specific OM subclause. (9.1.1). Although I had not expected the motion required recitation of a subclause I believe yours is appropriate as this is a communication from the LMSC to a standards body.

So, I agree with your procedural clarification and also note that Paul must be the issuer of the letter which will be clarified when it is finally formatted posted to the SEC mentor site..

In regard to the two editorials:
Item #2 seems reasonable but the original language was very carefully crafted so before making a change I will consult with Geoff, Tony and Glen.
Item #1 is trickier in that in the letter we do recite the document that resulted in the assignment to 802. It don't believe the San Diego meeting minutes contain any additional "strength" - but I'll double check.


From: Roger Marks []<mailto:[]>
Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 12:53 PM
To: Bruce Kraemer
Subject: Re: [802SEC] *++++ EC ballot regarding IEEE 802 Liaison Letter to SC6 on proposed disposition of 8802 Standards ++++*


I'm not ready to vote on this motion yet. I'm happy with the statement (apart from two minor issues noted below), but I'm not comfortable with a motion that "The EC supports" the statement. I don't know precisely what that means. I think we should be voting on something more concrete, particularly since the OM provides for different types of position statements.

I'm not asking for the motion to be revised, because that's not practical at this time, but I would appreciate confirmation of the intent and expectations. It's my understanding that the intent is to approve the statement per 9.1.1 of the OM, as a communication from the LMSC to an external standards body. Is that your understanding as well?

As for the details of the statement, I have two comments:

(1) The statement opens by thanking SC6 for the "opportunity to comment on the proposal." I think the statement would be strengthened by a reference the document in which the comment was solicited.

(2) I think that the language "MAC address registry" may be too informal. Perhaps it would be better to say "OUI registry."



On 12/16/2011 5:09 PM, Bruce Kraemer wrote:

This is a ballot restart using an updated document and the full SEC reflector.

Dear EC members,

During the ISC/JTC1/SC6 meeting that was held June 20, 2011 in San Diego IEEE 802 absorbed an action item to propose proper dispositions for 8802 standards. During the November Plenary and also during the Workshop we edited a letter containing a proposal for those dispositions of the 8802 standards.

Just after the workshop discussion I received  additional comments from Tony and Geoff that were worked into the letter.

The attached represents the net of several rounds of editing. Following the workshop I ran the draft by DY Kim (SC6 chair) and Robin Tasker (UK NB rep and author of the original letter).  These resulted in a bit of rewording to clarify intent but they are now fully in favor of the proposal. Changes made since the workshop are shown in red.

The letter must be submitted to SC6 before the Jan 10, 2012 submission deadline if it is to be considered during the February 2012 Guangzhou SC6 meeting.

I now request EC approval of the letter.

Paul has delegated the conduct of the 10 day EC electronic ballot on the following motion to me. Jon Rosdahl has seconded the motion.

I am announcing the possibility of an 'early close' to this ballot (see below).

Best regards,




The EC supports the "IEEE 802 Liaison to SC6 regarding 8802 Standards  v8" with editorial changes as deemed necessary.

Move:   Bruce Kraemer

Second: Jon Rosdahl

Start of ballot: Friday 16th December

Close of ballot: Tuesday December 27 , 11:59PM AOE

Early close: As required in subclause 'Electronic Balloting' of the IEEE project 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Operations Manual, this is notice that, to ensure the release is provided in a timely manner, this ballot may close early once sufficient responses are received to clearly decide a matter.


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