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[802SEC] IEEE 802.21d Draft PAR and 5C

Dear EC members,

IEEE 802.21 plans to submit a PAR for P802.21d at the March, 2012 Plenary. Per subclause 12.2 'LMSC Approval'

of the LMSC Operations Manual, I am circulating the following information.

Best regards,


[1] Draft PAR and 5C:

Draft PAR:

Draft 5C:

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

There are several handover scenarios where a large group of terminals need to perform a handover as a group.

An example scenario is the case of a group of stations moving together, such as users in a vehicle, or a group

of users accessing the same content that can be relocated in other technology (e.g., to reduce the congestion

of the network, such as video users being handoff to a DVB(Digital Video Broadcast) network). Another example is

IEEE 802.15.4 mesh networks in which a group of mesh nodes requires handover from one segment of a network to

another in the same or a different network for failover and restoration purposes. This standard is needed to

significantly improve the handover experience for such a group of users.

[3] Work plan:

The project will define a group handover mechanism by developing a multicast group management mechanism to the

MIH (Media-Independent Handover) protocol.  This standard will also define mechanisms for securing multicast MIH

protocol exchange.

[4] Status of the development of the PAR:

The PAR and 5C were approved by the IEEE 802.21 Working Group at the January 2012 meeting. Since the submission deadline for the March NesCom meeting (17th February) occurs prior to the date of the March IEEE 802 EC meeting, I will pre-submit this draft PAR to NesCom on the understanding that:

[a] Any changes to the draft PAR text resulting from the Plenary will be promptly communicated to the NesCom Administrator.

[b] Should the IEEE 802 Executive Committee not approve the submission, it will be removed from the NesCom agenda.

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