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[802SEC] 3 Proposed Changes to Operations Manual --

Pursuant to 4.1.4 of the LMSC Op Man:
  4.1.4 Revision of the IEEE 802 LMSC OM and IEEE 802 LMSCWG P&P 

  This OM and the IEEE 802 LMSC WG P&P may be revised as follows. 

  Revisions to these documents shall be submitted by a Sponsor member to the Sponsor no less than 30 day in advance of a Sponsor Vote to approve them. The Sponsor member proposing the revision may modify the proposed revision during the 30 days prior to a Sponsor Vote (in response to comments). Insufficient time to consider complex modifications is a valid reason to vote disapprove. A motion to revise these documents shall require a vote of approve by at least two thirds of all members of the Sponsor. Votes to approve revisions shall be taken at a plenary session. If approved, revisions become effective at the end of the plenary session where the votes were taken. 


   5.2.1 : correct Remove redundant typo: 

    Change "an IEEE 802 IEEE 802 LMSC WG operating with treasury"
    to "an IEEE 802 LMSC WG operating with treasury"
Change 2:
  5.2.3 remove redundant line with incorrect reference:
    "a) The Host complied with the definition of a host in subclause 4.2.1 of this OM "
Change 3:
  Remove clause as Interpretations are no longer done by IEEE-SA.
    " 7. Interpretations 
    Interpretations shall be approved by at least a 75% approval vote of the Sponsor subgroup that generated the document being interpreted, or a group determined by the Sponsor if such a subgroup does not exist. "
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