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[802SEC] PARs for March


I have updated the PARs under consideration for our March meeting, it may be found at:

The PARs that I saw on the reflector were:
    802.1AXbq, revision to 802.1AX link aggregation, PAR and 5C
    802.1Qbu, amendment for frame preemption, PAR and 5C
    802.1AEbw, amendment for extended packet numbering, PAR and 5C
802.1Xbx, amendment for MAC security key agreement protocol (MKA) extensions, PAR and 5C
    802.1Qbv, amendment for enhancements for scheduled traffic, PAR and 5C
802.3bk, amendment for extended ethernet passive optical Networks (ExEPON), PAR and 5C
    802.21d amendment for multicast group management, PAR and 5C
    802.15.4n amendment for China medical band, PAR and 5C
    802.15.4p amendment for positive train control (PTC), PAR and 5C
    802.15.8 new standard for peer aware communications (PAC), PAR and 5C

If I am missing any, please point me to the posting on the EC reflector.

Of course, we may have more PARs that are submitted under the 48 hour rule, these are the ones that require 30 day advance notification.

Also, I have updated our main page at to better reflect our scope. (Plus I deleted the reference to Token Ring, which will undoubtedly make some of our old timers happy.)

James Gilb

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