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[802SEC] ITU-R SG1 Meeting Announcement

Dear EC,

Please find attached the announcement for the June meeting of ITU-R SG1. What may be of interest to any IEEE 802 Wireless WGs dealing with the wireless aspects of Smart Grid is the new question assigned to WP1A, a sub-element of SG1. The mandate of the new question assigned to WP1A (Question ITU-R 236/1 "Impact on Radiocommunication systems from wireless and wired data transmission technologies used for the support of power grid management". The RR-TAG has several times in the past informed the EC that this was coming. Well folks, it is here.

Of possible interest to IEEE 802 WGs dealing with the wireless aspects of Smart Grid are the following items from the cited question:

"1         What are the technical and operating features and the characteristics of wireless technologies and devices in support of power grid management systems?
2          What are the data rates, bandwidths, frequency bands and spectrum requirements needed in support of power grid management systems?
3          What are the interference considerations to radiocommunications associated with the implementation of wireless and wired technologies and devices used in support of power grid management systems?
4          How will spectrum availability be affected by interference associated with widespread deployment of such technologies and devices?"

In face to face discussions with NTIA and FCC it was clear that this is seen as the question that will determine Smart Grid wireless spectrum. While in the beginning it may be labelled as a "global solution" it likely will be Regional (e.g. the Americas.).Also do not forget that Africa and other developing regions received authorization from the recently completed WRC-15 to use fixed service spectrum for mobile services. In theory in some markets bands such as the 400 MHz band could be rechanneled to allow mobile technologies such as IMT-Advanced/LTE. For years now the mobile industry has pushed for not restricting technologies (e.g. mobile or fixed) to frequency bands designated for them. Now they have at least won part of the battle.

The RR-TAG stands ready to assist any concerned WG with creating a hopefully joint input to the June meeting of WP1A. It should be noted that within ITU-R SG5 the view has been taken that IMT Advanced is the ideal answer for the wireless aspects of Smart Grid and they should be expected to vigorously promote their view.

This is just the start of this process. Currently the end date for the work is 2016. However in the past in ITU-R it has proven that the group that provides the initial draft can better control the process. If IEEE 802 would rather wait and see what the IMT Advanced, PLC and PLT proponents submit then respond then let the EC make that decision at the Monday opening plenary.

Input documents to WP1A are due in Geneva is seven days (1600 hours UTC on May 30th) prior to the meeting. Presuming that the IEEE 802 wireless groups have an interest in developing an input to WP1A then it is suggested that the document is completed at the March Plenary. While it is possible that, if there are no controversies, a document could be completed at the May interim in Atlanta that would only allow 12 days for an EC email ballot and transmission to Geneva.

I also need to point out to the EC that the IEEE technical liaison, for lack of financial support, will not be able to attend this meeting to present any input that IEEE 802 develops. While he is both willing to designated an individual with sufficient ITU-R skill (note: ITU-T and ITU-R operate differently) or would be willing to discuss funding from those interested in the aspects of the use of wireless in Smart Grid communications. The alternative is to simply forward the document to WP1A and allow the chairman to decide what to do with it.

For those with an interest in this matter I have attached a copy of Question ITU-R 236/1.

Always glad to discuss. I know folks are busy but unless a better time can be found at the wireless leadership meeting this will be on the RR-TAG's agenda for AM1 on Tuesday.



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