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[802SEC] Notes from Future Plenary Session Venue Options Review meeting March 14, 12:30-1:30 -

Notes from the Future Plenary Session Venue Options Review meeting: March 14, 12:30-1:30
Attendance is Buzz, Bob, Tony, Wael, David L., Steve C., Bob G., Pat, Geoff, Clint C., Paul and Jon

1. I presented document 802-EC-12/0003r3. Tab WS11-2
This is the list of all the venues that we have under contract that I have been able to find.

-Trying to move a venue from 2014 to allow Singapore meeting to occur in 2014. 
-The Only Slots currently Open from now to end of 2018 are 
.2015 - March 
.2017 - March and Nov 
.2018 - March and Nov 

There was a concern that we had approved two return visits to this property: Hilton Waikoloa Village July 2015 and 2017.  There was opposition to returning to this property.  The question was asked if the contract had been signed, and Buzz indicated that we had a contract with the option to return here in 2015 and 2017.  The discussion was then about why any "Hawaii" venue would be bad, and that we should look to go to Japan, Korea, Taiwan or China (I know that Taiwan is now part of China).

The .3 leadership pointed out an issue with some participants gaining approval for some locations like Hawaii as they are not viewed by some employers as business venues and raise flags. This may be in the form of authorization ahead of time or processing expense reports afterwards. 

There is support for non-North America venues. The request is to look at areas of the world where there is growing 802 related business. For .3 and Asia, examples include the ones you listed and we have had successful interims in Seoul for example. 

Buzz indicated that the deals that we got were because of the bundling that he has done.
We have never "cancelled" a meeting, so we get good terms from hotel properties.
If we cancel a meeting, we may loose the ability to negotiate meetings without a deposit (for that hotel family).
Buzz indicated he could try to see if one or both could be moved to the Island of Oahu, but it was noted that was still in "HAWAII" and that is still a problem.  He will check anyway.

All the Plenary contracts were given to Jon at the meeting on a USB stick, Jon is to review them and mark the contracts status on the spreadsheet.

Buzz indicated he had found the location in the minutes that indicated that a Sponsor is required for Non-North American Venues.  He was asked to provide reference to add to the notes in the Workshop file.

There was a debate on if the contracts could be this far out, when did the Hawaii contracts get signed and if the EC was aware and had approved them.  Buzz indicated that he made the 3 year deal all at once to get us in the property at the deal we have this time, and so the other two weeks are also at the same rates. (Which is a good deal even if there are many that don't like the property).

The issue of we need to move meetings to allow for ONE NON-NORTH-AMERICAN Meeting was reiterated several times.  The question of whether a Host was required was put to rest as the motion on Friday will supersede any previous plan, and self-hosted meetings will be further pursued.

The group seemed to want to have more meetings in Asia and Europe, and that we should not return to Hawaii.

Paul asked that Jon capture some notes and send to the EC.

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