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[802SEC] JTC1 motion for today's EC plenary

Dear James &  EC
Please place this in the EC agenda.
I will be proposing a motion that originates from JTC1 (not 802.11)
The motion is contained on slide 10 of  the linked deck and reads as follows:

*          The IEEE 802 JTC1 SC recommends to IEEE 802 EC that:
-      Pages 52-64 of 0299r6 be liaised to SC6 as responses to the questions from SC6 in N15226 and N15227, pending review and modification by IEEE SA of the answer to the question on page 63
-      The draft agreement on page 72 of 0299r6 be liaised to SC6
-      Bruce Kraemer be given authority to make editorial changes before arranging for the liaison of the final versions of the answers and draft agreement
*          Moved: Mike Montemurro
*          Seconded: Dorothy Stanley
*          Vote: 7/0/0 (motion passes)
*          Note: the page numbers refer to 11/12-0299r6; the page numbers in following slides are in top left corner

The complete text that is being motioned is contained in the linked document. Please note that the deck is 27 pages long. I hope you have time to review the deck prior to the closing EC plenary.

This is the first of at least 2 outgoing liaisons to SC6. I urge you to approve this outgoing liaison today rather than  postponing it to a EC letter ballot. We can accommodate some amount of editing prior to the motion if you see something you deem necessary to change.  Please send any suggested edits to Andrew & myself prior to the opening EC plenary.

Bruce Kraemer

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