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Re: [802SEC] [802-18] Continuation of Monday's conference call


The r5 version of 0030 and the r2 version of 0041 have been posted to Mentor.

Note that for 0041 all that was done was to copy the text we worked on Monday into that document. Of course the commendation for the FCC at the end was left out. All of the square brackets remain and we need to resolve Charles Einholf's comments about references. I have corrected [4] in both documents.

Talk to you soon.



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Subject: FW: [802-18] Continuation of Monday's conference call


Please note that Charles' comment also applies to [4] of 0030-05 and I have made the correction. We need to decide regarding his other two suggestions.

The paragraph that John Buffington kindly forwarded has been added at the end of the conclusion. Question: was it meant to replace the other paragraph in the conclusion or simply to be added on?



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Subject: Re: [802-18] Continuation of Monday's conference call

Please note that in document 18-12-0041-01reference [4] is out of date.  It should read:

[4] IEEE Std 802.22.1-2010, "IEEE Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--Local and metropolitan area networks--Specific requirements Part 22.1: Standard to Enhance Harmful Interference Protection for Low-Power Licensed Devices Operating in TV Broadcast Bands", November 2010.

In addition to 802.22.1, the standards 802.22 and 802.22.2 should also be referenced:

[ ] IEEE Std 802.22-2011, "IEEE Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN)--Specific requirements Part 22: Cognitive Wireless RAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Policies and Procedures for Operation in the TV Bands", July 2011.

[ ] IEEE P802.22.2/D1.0, "IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN) - Specific requirements - Part 22.2: Recommended Practice for the Installation and Deployment of IEEE 802.22 Systems", February 2012.

All can be accessed via IEEE Xplore.

Charles Einolf

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This is a reminder that our call on Monday was recessed until 10:30 a.m. on April 25th. The call in details remain the same:
Bridge: +1.719.325.2630
Password: 627 820 1954
We are still working on Agenda Item 3 which now deals with document 18-12-0030-05. Agenda Item 4 now deals with document 18-12-0041-01.
The document 18-12-0030-05 will be uploaded to Mentor on April 24 as will document 18-12-0041-01. The former will reflect the work we did on Monday while the latter will reflect those changes that are applicable to a document meant for the ITU-R.
I look forward to seeing one and all there.

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