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[802SEC] Clause 14 Report: Conditional Approval for RevCom, P802.16Rev3 and P802.16.1

to: 802 EC reflector
cc: 802.16 reflector

Dear EC Colleagues:

I am writing to report on the status of P802.16Rev3 and P802.16.1, per the Clause 14 Conditional Approvals granted on 16 March.

The Clause 14 conditions have been met. The following sequence of events applies to both the P802.16Rev3 and P802.16.1 cases, with the specific details in the two cases as noted:
*The second recirc, of draft D5, occurred as scheduled (30 Mar to 14 Apr).
*Following the second recirc, the approval ratio was 100%.
*Vote totals after second recirc:
	-P802.16Rev3: 126/0/6
	-P802.16.1: 118/0/8
*A few Approve comments were addressed, and a few changes to the draft were agreed.
*A new draft D6 was prepared, submitted to RevCom, and placed on the June 7 RevCom agenda.
*A third recirc took place (23 Apr to 8 May).
*During the third recirc, a single voter switched to Disapprove and submitted Disapprove comments.
*Vote totals after third recirc:
	-P802.16Rev3: 126/1/6
	-P802.16.1: 118/1/8
*The 802.16 WG reviewed the comments and determined that each comment was out of scope of the recirc.
*The 802.16 WG prepared explanations for ruling each comment out of scope.
*The comments received, and the responses, are posted:
	-P802.16Rev3: IEEE 802.16-12-0348-01
	-P802.16.1: IEEE 802.16-12-0349-01
*The responses were uploaded to the myBallot system.
*No additional recirc is being requested.
*The draft remains on the June 7 RevCom agenda.

I want to emphasize that I respect the constructive intent, diligence, and good will of the voter and have spoken to him personally last week. The WG comment responses specifically encourage him to bring his suggestions into an ongoing Working Group ballot of a draft amendment. I offered to assist.



Roger B. Marks <>
Consensii LLC <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <>

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