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Re: [802SEC] +++10 Day EC Email Ballot+++ IEEE 802 Comments on wireless data transmission technologies used for power grid management systems


On 235//12 8:33 AM, wrote:
Yes, we will need input from 802.3. One possible concept is a
"snap shot" of what technologies 802 has that can (or do) play a role in Smart Grid management. That could be a 2012 or early 2013 snapshot.

While it is certainly reasonable to provide a "snapshot" of the capabilities of products based on current 802.3 standards, I believe that is not the appropriate underlying message.

The real message needs to be that 802.3 provides and will provide in the future both the short reach and long haul physical layer standards that provide the core of standardization for hard media connected packet transport networks (both native and encapsulated transport over other networks). Equipment based on 802.3 standards is an absolute requirement for hard media connection of large interoperable packet networks for the foreseeable future.

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