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[802SEC] ITU-T Submission to ITU-R WP1B on spectrum for "NARROWBAND WIRELESS HOME NETWORKING", G.wnb

Dear EC,

This just came to my attention. ITU-T SG15, which has developed a standard for "Narrowband Wireless Home Networking" has submitted the attached document to ITU-R WP1B. What ITU-T is expecting that this single meeting of WP1B will approve the frequencies that they have identified in the document and send it on to SG1 for their approval. They seem to have left out one critical step and that is SG1, presuming they approve this, will either have to send it for approval by correspondence (AAP) or hold it until the Radiocommunication Assembly in 2015 (RA-15).

At this point in time I have no idea if what they are proposing causes any difficulties for 802 technologies. At this late date if there are concerns then I see two courses of action:

1)    Have your sponsor's representatives in WP1B and SG1 voice their objections and put off approval until any needed changes can be made. That would mean the earliest approval would be in 2013.

2)    Presuming WP1B and SG1 do approve this and it goes out for the approval by correspondence then at least one Member State of the ITU-R will have to object to it being approved. The options then become to either send it back to SG1 and WP1B or hold it for discussion at RA-15.
Please excuse me for bringing this up if your organizations/sponsors external to 802 have been participating and have agreed to the proposed ITU-R Recommendation. In the manner that ITU-R works it is very unusual for a new Recommendation to be approved in the same meeting in which it is proposed. Maybe I have missed some work in the back ground. However it could be that some of you, and your sponsors, are not aware of this proposal and may want to have WP1B delay approval.




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