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[802SEC] New IMAT - Status update

Now that the Atlanta meeting is behind us I would like to thank the team 
for the success of the beta test.  It is a pleasure working with all of 
you, especially Rick Alfvin, Greg Marchini, Jeric Newby, Jon Rosdahl, and 
Adrian Stephens.  The migration from old IMAT code to the new application 
would not have been accomplished without your.

Below is a status on the open items and plan for moving off murphy, 
seabass and onto fully implemented solution for attendance 
tracking for 802 voting rights.

- New IMAT used in Atlanta on
        - Log in issue identified early on Monday -- Resolved
        - System had been used for the remained of the week without 
        - Status: Stable

- Open items regarding application:
        - Ticket 1212: Change text "add attendees" to "manage Attendees" 
as per old IMAT logic. COMPLETE
        - Ticket 1018: Meeting update upload from spreadsheet as reported 
by Roger. Documentation to be completed by Greg June 13, 2012
        - Ticket 1010: Attendee can view their own history.  Complete
        - Ticket 1196: Prevent attendance in overlapping venues.  New 
enhancement request. Not scheduled.

- Open items regarding server location and functionality:
        - Decommission Murphy: we should plan to keep Murphy on-site 
through the Sept Wireless Interim and possibly the Nov Plenary. Action 
Item for Christina and Rick
        - Redirect URL for to From this 
point forward IMAT will be accessed by BOTH Managers/Officers and 
Attendees.  Action Item: Greg will work with Luigi and/or       Jeric to 
do this early in June. 
        Action Item: Christina to communicate changes to Verilan, Azgaard, 
and Face-to-Face - COMPLETE

- Open Discussion item:
        - There is a discussion with the 802 EC to consider modification 
of IMAT (or new application development) to allow for tracking meeting 
presence.  The original IMAT specification did not document     this 
requirement and was not part of old or new IMAT application.  
        - This topic is on the agenda at the June 5th 802 EC telecon.
        -  A documented specification (signed/agreed upon by 802EC) is 
needed before SA can determine the possible cost, budget and schedule for 
said development work.
        - This change/enhancement item is out of scope of the new IMAT 
development and rollout since it was not part of the old IMAT system and 
will not hold up the use of IMAT at the July Plenary            Session.


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