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[802SEC] Working Group recirculation ballot of P802-REV/D1.4



*WG Chairs please note:* As with previous ballots, please coordinate
responses from your WG members and submit a single ballot if at all

This Email is attached to an official 802.1 Working Group recirculation
ballot form for P802-REV/D1.4 - Overview and Architecture. As this is a
Working Group ballot, only 802.1 voting members and liaisons are entitled
to vote; however, any non-voting participants in the activities of 802.1
may submit a "Comment Only" ballot on the draft. In accordance with
established practice in 802 and the IEEE, all comments received, whether
from voters or non-voters, are given due consideration during the Ballot
resolution process.

NOTE: As this is a formal WG ballot, if you vote "Approve" you are stating
that, in your professional opinion, you consider the document to be
technically complete, and ready for Sponsor ballot (i.e., the document is
essentially ready for publication, apart from final editing for style,
etc.). Hence, sending in an "approve" ballot response within a small number
of minutes of the ballot start time cannot possibly mean that the voter has
given the document the level of professional consideration necessary to
make such a judgment. I believe the record so far was less than 10 minutes
between posting the draft and ballot announcement, and receiving the first
"Approve" - and that was on a document That contained Editor's notes
indicating areas where work needed to be done!

As this is a recirculation ballot, some different rules apply:

- The balloting period is a minimum of 15 days.

- The subject matter of the ballot is NOT the entire document; the scope of
this ballot is ONLY those changes to the draft that were made in order to
resolve the ballot comments on the previous draft, any ballot resolutions
that may have been incorrectly applied, and any ballot comments that may
have been rejected.

- You need to return a ballot ONLY if you wish to change your previous vote
on P802.  If you do not return a ballot, your previous vote will apply

- Responses are particularly solicited from those voters that made
Disapprove votes on the previous ballot, in order to confirm whether or not
the agreed ballot resolutions address their concerns. To put it more
definitely, if you are an 802.1 voting member who has submitted a previous
Disapprove, we will have to hound you until we receive a response.

The 802.1 voting members that are entitled to a vote on this ballot are as
follows (NOTE: for a WG ballot, the voting population is fixed at the start
of the ballot, and does not change during any subsequent recirculation
ballots, regardless of any membership changes over the course of the
balloting cycle):

An, Yafan
Ao, Ting
Ashwood-Smith, Peter
Boiger, Christian
Bottorff, Paul
Brandner, Rudolf
Carlson, Craig
Cheng, Weiying
Congdon, Paul
Cummings, Rodney
Desanti, Claudio
Ding, Zhemin
Eastlake, 3rd, Donald
Farkas, Janos
Fedyk, Donald
Finn, Norman
Ganga, Ilango
Garner, Geoffrey
Ghanwani, Anoop
Goetz, Franz
Gravel, Mark
Gray, Eric
GU, Yingjie
Gunther, Craig
Haddock, Stephen
Hayakawa, Hitoshi
Jeffree, Anthony
Keen, Hal
Keesara, Srikanth
Kim, Yongbum
Klein, Philippe
Kleineberg, Oliver
Krause, Michael
li, lin
Lynch, Jeff
Mack-Crane, Ben
Martin, David
Messenger, John
Morris, John
Multanen, Eric
Olsen, David
Pannell, Donald
Parsons, Glenn
Pearson, Mark
Pelissier, Joseph
Raeber, Rene
Randall, Karen
Roese, Josef
Romascanu, Dan
Rouyer, Jessy
Sajassi, Ali
Saltsidis, Panagiotis
Seaman, Michael
Seto, Koichiro
Sharma, Rakesh
Shimizu, Takeshi
Stanton, Kevin
Sultan, Robert
Teener, Michael
Thaler, Patricia
Tumuluri, Chait
Vissers, Maarten

It should be noted that the ongoing retention of 802.1 voting rights is
predicated on active participation in Working Group ballots.  Active
participation is defined to be returning ballot forms in two out of the
last three Working Group ballots. The 802 Operating Rules allow abstention
for any cause other than "lack of technical expertise" to be treated as
though it were a failure to respond to a ballot. 802.1 applies this rule.

The other (non-802.1) Working Groups are entitled to vote via their WG

The closing date of this ballot is:

         6th July 2012

The PDF file of P802-REV/D1.4 can be found at:

A comparison version can be found here:

The comment disposition for the previous ballot is here:

Username: p8021
Password: go_wildcats

If you have any difficulty downloading or reading these files, let me know.

As is normal with such ballots, comments should specify not only what
problems have been identified with the text, but also what the commenter
proposes as a solution.

Any comments accompanying the ballot must be presented using either of the
templates to be found here:

Comments can be generated using Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program
that will read XLS or CSV format files. Attach the resultant file, in XLS
or CSV format, to your ballot response email.

Your ballot must be returned to:

You are requested to use (exactly!) the appropriate Subject line from the
following set when returning your ballot. Please send your ballot with the
Subject line explicitly set, rather than using the Reply function in your

P802-REV/D1.4 - Approve
P802-REV/D1.4 - Comments (with approve)
P802-REV/D1.4 - Disapprove
P802-REV/D1.4 - Comments (with abstain)
P802-REV/D1.4 - Abstain

Tony Jeffree
802.1 WG Chair.

Ballot form follows.....
TO: James Gilb,
Editor, P802
SUBJECT:     P802-REV/D1.4 - Overview and Architecture

_____ I Approve (may attach non-binding comments below)
_____ I Disapprove (must attach binding comments below)
_____ I Abstain for the following reasons (may attach non-binding comments
______ Lack of Time
______ Lack of Expertise
______ Other: _______________________________________________

(Telephone No.)



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