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[802SEC] 802 P&P, Operations Manual and more fun


I have finally updated the web page with the approved OM and WG P&P (there are some editorial changes, so today starts the 30 day clock to complain about the changes).

It can be found at:

I have also posted our latest P&P that we approved, but which has not yet been submitted to AudCom. There may be more changes in our July meeting.

However, to make the September SASB meeting, we need to submit them by 20 July 2012. Hence, I would like to start discussion of the changes by email so that we can approve them at the opening plenary.

There will be a rules meeting at 19:30-21:30 on Sunday, 14 July 2012.

In addition to the change proposed by Clint, I have also posted suggested changes to the OM and P&P as ec documents 22 and 23. They have been posted to mentor at:


James Gilb

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