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[802SEC] *** 10 Day EC Email Ballot *** Higher Speed Ethernet Consensus" Industry Connections


Paul as authorized me to conduct a 10-Day e-mail ballot on the following motion

This will be a 10-day ballot, closing on 02 July 2012 AOE;

as per current P&P I will terminate the ballot early if it is clear that the outcome has been decided.


Thank you for your support






The IEEE 802 LMSC endorses John D'Ambrosia to work with the Industry Connections program to develop appropriate approval documentation for a 12 month program for “Higher Speed Ethernet Consensus” with the expectation that oversight would be delegated to IEEE 802.3 Chair.


Moved: D’Ambrosia                       Second: Gilb





In November 2010, the IEEE 802 EC passed the following motion:


The IEEE 802 LMSC supports development of Industry Connections activities and charters John D'Ambrosia to work with the Industry Connections program to develop appropriate approval documentation for an 18 month pilot program for "Ethernet Wireline Bandwidth Needs" with the expectation that oversight would be delegated to IEEE Chair 802.3.


The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc has now completed seeking and considering all comments on its draft report and, as there no further substantive comments been received on the report, will be seeking Working Group approval of the report at the IEEE 802.3 closing plenary of Thursday afternoon of the July Plenary.  Additionally, a tutorial, sponsored by David Law, presenting the finding of the ad hoc is scheduled for the second tutorial slot on Monday night of the plenary week.


In parallel I have been working with a group of approximately 60 individuals on a new “Higher Speed Ethernet Consensus” Industry Connections  (HE IC) activity.  The proposed scope of the activity would be to focus on building consensus related to the next speed of Ethernet for wireline applications, which will be used for the evaluation and possible development of a Call-For-Interest for the next Higher Speed Study Group. At the IEEE 802.3 May Interim I spoke at most of the Task Force and Study Group meetings (all but MIBs and Maintenance) regarding the future after the IEEE 802.3 BWA. In addition, I had already requested time at the July opening agenda to give the 802.3 WG an update,


An ICAID proposal was submitted to the Industry Connections Committee (ICCom) for conditional approval at its June 8th meeting.  At that time I anticipated bringing a motion to the 802 EC for endorsement at the July plenary.  However, ICCom postponed recommending its approval until it has been endorsed by the 802 (the sponsoring group), and it was indicated that ICCom will schedule a teleconference the Monday after the plenary (assuming 802 endorsement), which could then be submitted for a 10 day standards board email ballot. 


In parallel, I have been working on a press release related to the completion of the assessment.  In discussions with the IEEE PR people, it was asked about follow-up activities related to the BWA.  The new HSE IC proposal was discussed, and a single press release covering the completion of the BWA and the formation of the new group (assuming necessary approvals) was recommended.  Assuming the necessary approvals of the new IC activity and the approval of the press release by the 802 EC in July, the PR was scheduled for release on July 30.  Assuming the necessary approvals the first meeting of the new IC activity would be planned for the IEEE 802.3 September Interim meeting to be held in Geneva, Switzerland.  This would also correspond to a joint workshop between the IEEE and ITU-T.  This press release would help to raise awareness of this new Industry Connections Activity, and its first meeting at the September Interim, which would help to drive industry participation from all stakeholders.


Delaying the necessary approvals of the IC activity pushes back the release of the press release into August.  Due to August vacations, the IEEE PR people suggested that the press release be held off until late August / early September.  This would minimize the effectiveness of the press release, and subsequently the industry participation.


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