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[802SEC] Clause 14 Report: Conditional Approval for RevCom, P802.16p and P802.16.1b

to: 802 EC reflector
cc: 802.16 reflector

Dear EC Colleagues:

I am writing to report on the status of P802.16p and P802.16.1b, per the Clause 14 Conditional Approvals (to RevCom) granted on 16 March.

[Note: What was Clause 14 at the time of approval is Clause 13 in the current version of the OM. I miss the good old days when it was called Procedure 10 and didn't renumber the procedures with every revision.]

The following sequence of events applies to both P802.16Rev3 and P802.16.1:

*The first recirc occurred as scheduled (3 May to 5 April).
*A second recirc followed (4-19 June).
*Following the second recirc, the approval ratio is 98%, with two Disapprove votes.
*One of the Disapprove voters submitted additional Disapprove comments in the second recirc.
*The relevant Task Group has determined that a third recirculation is appropriate.
*Our plan is to let the Conditional Approval time out, to initiate the third recirculation during the July Plenary, and to ask again for Conditional Approval there.



Roger B. Marks <>
Consensii LLC <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <>

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