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[802SEC] Proposed rule changes for July meeting


In the interest of getting the P&P changes onto AudCom's agenda, I would like to start discussion of the proposed changes by email so that we can have some level of consensus by the Sunday night rules meeting that will lead to a successful motion on Monday morning.

Accordingly, I would like to take up discussion of one of the proposed changes on this email in search of feedback.

Every 2 years, the Recording secretary asks for letters of endorsement from potential EC members. Currently the rule states "Any person to be confirmed by the Sponsor shall ...". I had produced two suggestions:

 a) "All members of the Sponsor shall ..."
 b) "All voting members of the Sponsor shall ..."

However, I have noticed that this leaves out WG and TAG Vice Chairs, who are not members of the Sponsor, but can vote (under the newly modified rules) and are confirmed by the sponsor.

It turns out that there is no central place that lists all the persons that are to be confirmed by the Sponsor.

So 2 questions:
1) Should non-voting members of the Sponsor be required to file letters of affiliation including the statement regarding how to vote?
 2) Should we add a list of the persons to be confirmed by the Sponsor?

James Gilb

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