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[802SEC] +++straw poll--support for continuation of $5 single copy sales+++ final result

Dear EC members,

All EC members have responded, the straw poll is complete, the final result is as follows:

Response categories:         YES or NO
1) VC Pat Thaler                 YES
2) VC James Gilb                YES
3) TR Clint Chaplin             YES
4) RS John D'Ambrosia      YES
5) ES Jon Rosdahl              YES
6) 01 Tony Jeffree               YES w/comment
7) 03 David Law                  YES
8) 11 Bruce Kraemer            YES
9) 15 Bob Heile                    agrees w/GeoffT
0) 16 Roger Marks               YES w/comment
1) 18 Mike Lynch                YES
2) 19 Steve Shellhammer      YES
3) 21 Subir Das                   YES
4) 22 Apurva Mody             YES
5) 24 James Gilb                (can only cast one response)
6) ME Buzz Rigsbee            YES w/comment
7) ME Geoff Thompson      ABSTAIN w/comment
8) 17 John Lemon                YES
9) 20 Canchi Radikrishna     YES
0) CH Paul Nikolich             YES

TOTAL         final result  17 YES   2 ABSTAIN

----- Original Message ----- From: Paul Nikolich
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:50 PM
Subject: [802SEC] +++straw poll--support for continuation of $5 single copy

Dear EC members,

I forgot to get an explicit statement of support from the EC members
regarding support for the continuation $5 single copy sales, therefore I'm
conducting an EC email straw poll--please respond to the following question
and add any additional comments of support you may have. I will compile the
results and provide them to SA staff as a statement of support from the 802
EC.  All EC members may respond.

Straw poll question: Do you support the continuation of the $5 single copy
sales program for at least 6 more months?
Possible responsed:  Yes or No (Comments are welcome).


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