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[802SEC] P1905.1recirc draft question for your WG participants

Dear EC members,
Upon the request of the chairman of the P1905.1 Working Group, Paul Houze, I met with him at noon ET today in Piscataway to discuss the 802/1905.1 relationship.   The SA managing director (Konstantinos Karachalios), David Law and Noelle Humenick participated as well.
In the course of the discussion, I was asked a question that I need your help to answer: How many of your WG/TAG/ECSG participants would review and comment on the revised P1905.1 draft during recirculation period if it is promptly made available? (FYI the recirc may start as early as 07SEP.)  Please provide an estimate before Thursday 06SEP (it's up to you how you come up with the estimate).  If I don't hear back from you before then, I'll assume it is just one individual in your group.
I know it is short notice and difficult to estimate with any accuracy, but even a rough estimate of the number of 802 participants willing to actively review and comment on the revised draft will help the SA to determine the best way to make it available to those individuals.
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