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[802SEC] ETSI MOU - getting interest from the mapped 802 groups - Feedback needed

Dear EC Members,
Moira Patterson ( ) of IEEE SA staff is spearheading the renewal of the SA/ETSI MOU and is looking for feedback from the 802 Working Groups to see whether there is interest in having specific 802 WG projects incorporated into the MOU.  See the below email and attached slide deck for more details.
Please contact Moira with any questions you may have, and whether or not the WG is supportive of the suggested 'areas of mutual interest' in the slide deck, or if there are other areas of mutual interest that should be added.
My feeling is I should put a Motion to confirm the 'areas of mutual interest' on the closing EC agenda in November to formally endorse 802's position on the MOU--any thoughts regarding that proposed course of action?
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Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 4:59 PM
Subject: ETSI MOU - getting interest from the mapped 802 groups - Feedback needed


We had a short conversation about the ETSI MOU, which is up for renewal. We have received positive feedback on the value of the MOU from some groups, including 802.11

In line with our policy, we are providing a summary of the terms provided to the committees, which outlines the practical items. We have outlined the benefits, conditions of the technical exchange (draft exchange, observer/non-voting participant), and the mapping suggested by ETSI. Finally, our request of the WGs is:
¾Each IEEE WG to indicate its interest in being mapped as listed, under the conditions provided in this presentation.
¾If modifications are sought, please inform IEEE-SA staff.

It seems that we may have two steps:
1) As some of the interim meetings are this week and next, we hope to get this to the WGs as soon as possible. If we could get their feedback before the next Plenary, that would be great.
2) If an EC decision is needed to confirm WG agreement, we may ask for an email ballot. Currently, we aim for collecting the information by end of October.

Please let us know if you want us to contact the WGs directly, or if you will send them the request. And let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Moira Patterson
Program Manager, International Programs, IEEE-SA
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