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[802SEC] Proposed P&P changes


Our recent changes to the P&P ran afoul of the ever changing P&P baseline. Our options are:
 - Update P&P to kind of match the new baseline
 - Start with new baseline and update it to match the P&P approved in July.

The good news is that AudCom, in a flash of brilliance (IMHO), now requires that the footer of the P&P contain a reference to the baseline from which it was developed. That way, future changes will be judged against that P&P.

I have produced an updated P&P based on the current baseline (approved in August) that tries to reflect the document we approved in July. That document is attached.

I have summarized the changes in a presentation at:
and in proprietary format at:

Also, I ran a comparison of the new and old P&P in Word, that result may be found here:

I will be asking to approve these changes at the November plenary, possibly on Monday, but more likely on Friday. I will also be discussing the various proposed changes and seek input on the reflector over the next month prior to our Rules meeting on Sunday night in San Antonio.

My apologies for this, we really should only be modifying the P&P every 5 years. I hope this will be the last P&P changes we need to make for a while.

James Gilb

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