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[802SEC] +++10 EC Email Ballot to ITU-R WP5A Regarding Revisions to Recommendations ITU-R M.1801 and M.1450+++

Dear EC,


As you will remember there was an earlier effort at conducting an email ballot in regarding two earlier versions of proposed IEEE 802 revisions to ITU-R Recommendations M.1801 and M.1450. It failed and at the September wireless interim 802.18, along with 802.11, reworked the earlier proposed revisions. The M.1801 revision now simply provides updates and corrections while the M.1450 revision does that and adds data regarding


I have asked Paul to allow me to conduct an EC email ballot to approve submitting the updated versions of the previous proposed submissions and, as authorized by 802.18, a transmittal document (18-12-0100-00) to convey them to the ITU-R.


Paul’s response to my request is:


“I will authorize a 10 day EC email ballot, to be conducted by Mike Lynch, for the following motion.



“To approve, under OM Subclause 8.2, documents 18-12-0084-03 and 18-12-0085-04 (along with a cover sheet based on 18-12-0100-00) for submission to ITU-R Working Party 5A, subject to the early close provision of OM Subclause"

Moved Mike Lynch, Seconded Bruce Kraemer




The next meeting of ITU-R WP5A begins November 5th in Geneva. These submissions need to be received by the ITU-R Secretariat NLT 16:00 Geneva time on October 29th.


The ballot will start October 15th.


The ballot will close October 24th, unless enough ballots have been received to meet the early closure provision of OM Subclause






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