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[802SEC] update from the IEEE President on the impact of hurricane Sandy


I just became aware of the below note from Gordon Day, IEEE President, regarding the situation at the IEEE, specifically as it relates to the upcoming IEEE Board of Directors meeting series, but it give some general information that you may find of value as well.




2 November 2012

Dear IEEE Meeting Series Attendees:

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has had a profound impact on the New York City
metro area and vast regions of New Jersey. For those of you personally affected,
please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Many IEEE employees and their
families sustained significant damage to homes and property from the devastating
storm. In addition, many remain without power and other basic services.

IEEE sustained minimal physical damage to our facilities in New Jersey and New
York City, and there have been no substantial interruptions to our electronic
services (IEEE Xplore,, etc.). However, both locations have been closed
all week because neither site has grid power. While the backup generators at
the Operations Center are running the data center and emergency services, fuel
availability is now a serious issue.

Power was restored to the Hyatt hotel in New Brunswick at 10:30 Wednesday
morning. However, the cumulative effect of the continued extensive loss of power
throughout the region, the sporadic availability of fuel for generators and cars,
airport delays and/or cancellations, freezing weather this weekend, and news of
another storm approaching the area in a few days are serious concerns. In addition,
the ability of the professional staff to provide the usual levels of preparation is, and
will continue to be, very limited.

Given the unreliability of local power grids and fuel in the region, and related
logistical complexities, and after close consultation with past-President Kam,
President-elect Staecker, IEEE Executive Director Prendergast, and members of the
Management Council, the IEEE Meeting Series scheduled for next week will operate
on a very limited schedule.


• The IEEE Board of Directors Meeting will proceed as planned for November
11-12. All sitting Board Members, 2013 President-elect de Marca, and all
candidates for 2014 President-elect should plan on attending in person;
Directors-elect will participate only by phone.

• The IEEE Assembly Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 10. All
candidates for Assembly-elected positions should plan on attending in

• Other than sitting IEEE Board Members, 2013 President-elect de Marca,
Assembly candidates, all candidates for 2014 President-elect, and critical
staff, no one else should attend in person.

• If you are not an IEEE Director, an Assembly candidate, 2013 President-elect
de Marca, a candidate for 2014 President-elect, an individual who has been
specifically requested by President Day to attend, or an employee who has
been requested to attend by the IEEE Executive Director or a Management
Council member, please cancel your travel arrangements.

• All OU meetings will be held telephonically and will adhere to the existing
schedule. However, agenda items are to be limited to time-sensitive (2012
calendar year only) issues. For any OU meeting, should there be no time
sensitive issues for the November series, that meeting should be cancelled
and agenda items held until the February series. OU Vice Presidents should
work with their key professional staff representatives.

• The 2012 EAB Awards Ceremony will be rescheduled for the February 2013
Board Series.

• A revised Meeting Schedule will be issued by November 6.

This has been a very difficult decision, as I am aware that this is not anyone’s
preferred option. However, considerable time and effort has been spent reviewing
this very complex and fluid situation. Your support and understanding are much

Questions may be directed to or via the MPS hotline
at +1 908 227 6552, to Ana Navarro, Lead Planner


Gordon W. Day
IEEE President & CEO

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