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[802SEC] Response to Comments Received Against IEEE P802.3bj PAR


The following email summarizes the comments received against IEEE P802.3bj PAR, responses, and includes updated PAR and 5C files.


Comments Received

WG 11 Review (submitted by Jon Rosdahl)


          The Note for Item 0 is not necessary in 8.1.

          Suggest that you don’t add the 5.2 comment in 8.1.

          Include in 8.1 an explanation of the changes being requested.

          5C: Suggest that you change the answer to the Compatibility question from Yes to No, and delete “The P802.3bj PAR mandates that” from the start of that bullet.

          Addressing the compatibility in one place should be sufficient.




Accept all comments

       Remove Note in 8.1 for Item 0

       Remove Note in 8.1 for Item 5.2b

       Add the following note in 8.1 “Item 5.2b – scope has been expanded to allow the addition of optional Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s operation over backplanes and copper cables.”

        In 5C Compatibility Response –

      Change “The P802.3bj PAR mandates that the amendment shall comply with IEEE Std 802, IEEE Std 802.1D and IEEE Std 802.1Q.”  to “The amendment shall comply with IEEE Std 802, IEEE Std 802.1D and IEEE Std 802.1Q.”


Attached are updated PAR / 5C documents

                Updated PAR – P802_3bj_PAR_modification_12_1114.pdf

                Updated 5C – 5C_1112.pdf




John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE P802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force




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Description: P802_3bj_PAR_modification_12_1114.pdf